Discover just how
healthy you can be.

We believe your health depends on your body and mind working
together in harmony. It’s our mission to help you find that harmony.

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Being healthy is more than simply not being sick.

At Homewood Friends & Family Healthcare, we believe true health is a measure of how well every element of your body and mind are functioning, together and independently. For over 6 years, we’ve dedicated ourselves to developing holistic health and wellness routines to allow our patients live their lives to their fullest potential. You only get one body. Take good care of it.

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Our practice areas

We specialize in these main areas:

What to Expect

Learn about the treatments we offer and how they work together as part of a complete wellness routine.

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Patient Choice Winner

We are honored to be recognized as Birmingham's top chiropractic practice for 2015.

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Before Your Visit

Find forms and other information you’ll need to help you prepare for your first appointment.

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  • Laura Wise

    Laura Wise

    I went to a few chiropractors in the past before coming here, and I had never had the experience that I have had with Dr. John and his staff--they are the best! I could not recommend them more highly!

  • Paula Coldiron

    Paula Coldiron

    For years no one could figure out why I had pain in my left ear/jaw area until I came to Homewood Friends & Family. They really listened and were highly thorough. They went to the root of the problem and now the pain is fading after a mere month of being worked on.

  • Claire Hovater

    Claire Hovater

    I have had an all around wonderful experience at Homewood Friends & Family. From the quality of service and care, to the friendliness and expertise of Dr. John and staff, it has been a pleasure to be a patient here and to become a part of the team.